Aggressive Payday Loan Collections Go Too Far

If you were to ask the family of Ian Jordan, they would tell you aggressive payday loan collections go too far.

The family would have a pretty strong case to present to back up their opinion.

November of last year, Ian, 60 took his own life after acquiring over 20 K in payday loans from various loan companies.

That is itself is a bad enough piece of news for a family to digest, but what happened after he died put the icing on the cake as far as his family is concerned.

1000 texts

Seems these loan companies do not let death stop them, and they continued sending texts to the dead mans phone, to the tune of over 1000 and counting.

The only way to get them to stop was to dissemble the phone and take out the SIM card.

These texts were demanding money out of him, and some were even threatening collection efforts on family members.

Mr. Jordan’s ex wife insists more control is needed over these companies, and her daughter Samantha Carr, 36 agrees stating some of the loans he had taken out were charging over 5000% interest annually.

This is the classic case of being in the payday loan trap.

Borrowing money to cover money you have borrowed, and before you know it you are in so far over your head and you do not see any way out.

Mr. Jordan left a suicide note on his laptop, and then overdosed on sleeping pills.

Multiple payday loans

This happened in the UK but it is prevalent wherever payday loan companies are doing business.

Their collection tactics can be overwhelming, with multiple calls and texts daily to family, friends, references and even bosses.

They threaten legal action, bankruptcy, and public humiliation and it does not stop there.

People have lost employment because of this, and some have taken their own lives due to their situations, but even death does not seem to stop these collectors.

There is help available out there for people who get caught in these traps, but so many people get desperate and do not think straight, thus do not explore their options.


These loans need to be looked at very closely and we here at Help Payday Loan Debt think the following should be the norm with these loans:

  • Cap interest rates at 8% annually
  • Must be emplyed
  • No roll overs allowed
  • No more than one payday loan at a time
  • Be required to offer access to payday loan consolidation coimpanies

Mr. Jordan manages to take out many loans even with no employment and then continue to roll them over,

This let to massive debt in a very little time which overwhelmed him.

If you have out of control payday loan debt, be sure to check out all of your options before taking drastic action, there are solutions for you.