Best Payday Loan Consolidation Companies

There are many companies on the net that claim they are the best payday loan consolidation companies out there.


Always take a very close look at who you are going to do business with before you start spending money.

Many companies are only looking to make a buck off of your misfortune and they are in the business not to help you by providing a service but to make money for themselves.

They will take and hold your money for long periods of time before applying it to your debt, and they charge outrageous fees for their services.

There are very few consolidation companies who actually have a working relationship with the payday loan companies and are able to negotiate legally over your debt.

Let us compare services

All consolidation companies will say they provide the following services:

  • Stop all legal action
  • Stop aggressive collection activity
  • Stop all interest
  • Negotiate the amount of interest owed and have it reduced.
  • Combine all payday loans into one affordable payment.

Some of them can deliver but the majority leave a bit to be desired.

Most will keep your initial down payment for up to three months before they even attempt to negotiate your debt.

This can have very bad results as most payday loan companies are highly aggressive and they will not wait three months for the company to approach them.

Instead they will still be all over you and collection efforts will not stop but intensify.

Some companies will take your first few payments and apply them to their fees before the start to negotiate your debts.

Another very bad idea as it again does nothing to take the pressure off you from the loan companies.

How can a company who holds your money and does not even contact the payday loan companies for 2 to 3 months after you start paying them possibly be helping you in any way?

The reality is they are not helping you at all, they are helping themselves, and in our opinion that is a pretty selfish thing to be doing because of your hard times.

The facts

Now lets take a look at how a good consolidation company conducts business.

A good company will respond within a couple of hours after you contact them and they will immediately treat you as part of the solution, not the problem.

One of their top priorities is contacting and working with your payday loan companies.

They will take on your debt as if it were their own.

Your interest will be stopped, any legal and collection action will be frozen and all debts will be combined into one affordable monthly or bi monthly payment.

Your payments will be applied to your debt from the start of the arrangement.

The consolidation company will take over all of your loans and within two weeks you will be on your way!

All you need do is make your agreed upon payments and before you know it your payday loan debt will be gone!

Now I would like to introduce you to what I consider one of the best consolidation companies, if not the best on the web today!

We deliver on all of the above and we also have a green light from the better Business Bureau!

We will treat you with respect and take over your debt and deal you right out of that place where the phone calls are ready to drive you crazy and deliver you back to some sanity and peace of mind.


Comparing consolidated companies is a great idea and before you spend anything make sure you check out all the fine print.

Make sure that company you chose will personally take your debt and eliminate it as efficiently as possible while keeping you the customer as the most important part of the process.

The best feeling in the world is gaining back control of your finances and we would be more than honored to help you achieve this.